English Riviera Film Festival

The Witch's Mask 

Staring Joshua Plummer, Katherine Drake, Simon Alison and Tip Cullen

The Witch's Mask will be shown at the English Riviera Film Festival on the 6th October 2019, in Torquay Museum at 2pm. The showing is a double bill with a surprise film. There will also be a questions and answers session with me and some of the cast, which includes, Camilla Joyce, Tip Cullen and Simon Alison. Tickets can be bought at the door or online (Buy Ticket Button Below). 

Short Trailer

The Witch’s Mask is a romantic fantasy drama of a young man in his late teens who suffered traumatic nightmare in his childhood. The dreams return in his adult life portraying a seemingly past life event in the seventeenth century when he fell in love with a girl who was accused of witchcraft. 

Ticket purchase from Evenbrite (Secure site).