About Me 

Producer and Director 

I was inspired to enter professional film production after enrolling in South Devon College in a Film and Photography foundation degree course. I previously joined the course to gain a qualification to launch a career in wedding video photography. An ambition in film wasn’t new, it was something I wanted to do back in the 70s and 80s. But now more recently I have gained experience in producing and directing by financing my own film called The Witch’s Mask. I had brought in my story which I had planned for a long time, to be my graduation film as part of my BA with Plymouth College of Art.   


Experience, and skills I had developed, combined into my producing abilities. In the late 1990’s I established an import and wholesale business called Vietnamese Arts and Crafts, and in the mid 2000’s, I ran a model shop. Both these businesses gave me experience with logistics and people skills, which became an advantage in producing. Also, research experience in the mid 1990’s in a community play called The Torbay Tempest directed by Jon Oram. Being part of the play for the year, I learnt a great deal about directing from Jon. Since then, I have homed my skills in South Devon College and Plymouth College of Art.


Other Skills 


I discovered I exceled at Narration and storytelling. My first script was called Lost in Time. This was then filmed as part of my foundation degree course at South Devon College. My true passion was my story, The Witch’s Mask. This was a story based on actual dreams I had when I was young. It would be an ambitious project which I was saving for when I leave university. But when Plymouth College of Arts wanted an ambitious graduation film, I brought in The Witch’s Mask.  


I have had a knowledge of lighting through my early years of photography. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I studied lighting through the correspondence course, The New Your Institute of Photography. But I was only qualified with Portraiture lighting through my Foundation degree in Film and Photography with South Devon College, certified through Plymouth University. With Plymouth College of Art I applied my knowledge of lighting to film. 


Camera Stabilisers (Steadicam, dolly and crane)

Stabilisation of cameras was part of my dissertation into long takes, and part of my experimental module with Plymouth College of Art for my BA in film. Prior to joining Plymouth College of Art, I invested heavily in camera stabilisation equipment, such as a Tiffen Steadicam, Dolly and track, and a crane. The use of this equipment was both used in my experimental module and my graduation film, The Witch’s Mask.  


Cinematography is the core study of my Foundation Degree course in Film and Photography which I studied at South Devon College (Plymouth University) and my BA course at Plymouth College of Art. I have my own Sony NEX-EA50M with a Sony 18mm to 110mm cinematography lens. But I will hire a Sony fs5 for high quality work. The two cameras are very similar. Coupled with my knowledge of lighting and stabilisation, adds an advantage to my expertise.  


Summary of Skills

  •      Producing
  •      Directing
  •      Script Writing
  •      Lighting
  •      Steadicam
  •     Dolly and crane
  •     Cinematography


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